Waltham root canal

Waltham Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Waltham

When your tooth is in pain from an infection and possibly an abscess, you can depend on us at Connecticut Family Dental Group for gentle, expertly performed root canal therapy. This non-surgical treatment is not painful, despite the undeserved reputation it has gotten in popular culture. The truth is that this treatment is the solution for the pain you’re in, not the cause of it.

What happens is that bacteria gets inside your tooth, and that causes your tooth’s pulp to become infected. Located at the base, it is adjacent to the nerve. Under normal circumstances, there is no way for bacteria to get into your tooth, because it is protected by the enamel and dentin layers. But if a filling loosens or falls out, you develop a cavity, or the tooth becomes chipped or cracked, there is ample space for bacteria to do its work. You’ll be alerted that our Waltham root canal may be necessary when you feel pain that is especially noticeable during chewing or by putting pressure on the tooth. Also common is hot and cold items causing sensitivity. Tooth discoloration and/or gum tenderness may also be present. When you come in, our dentist will examine the tooth and surrounding area, and most likely take x-rays. If the results indicate the need for it, you will get our Waltham root canal. The injured pulp and nerve are removed. The canals in the tooth are then cleaned, disinfected, and sealed to help prevent further infection. Impressions are taken for the crafting of a dental crown to restore the tooth to normal size and function. This occurs after healing is complete.

Most of our patients find that our Waltham root canal is responsible for no pain at all, or very little. And it is the only thing standing between you and the loss of a tooth. To schedule an appointment right away, contact our office.

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